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If I had known when I was booking my flights that Westjet no longer allows my daughter to have any bags of her own, I would NOT have booked with them.

My daughter is under 2 years old so naturally I decided to not pay adult fare for her and just carry her on my lap. She is not even half the size of an adult so why should I have to pay full price, but that's a complaint for another day.

While I was looking on Westjets site this morning, just to make sure that the baggage allowance was the same as the last time I looked, I discovered that I could not find anywhere on their site how many bags my daughter was allowed. So just to double check that it was the same as it was in the summer when I flew with her, I phoned them.

The lady that I talked to on the phone told me that because I hadn't payed for a seat for her, she wasn't allowed any checked bags of her own, one of mine would have to now become her bag. So I then asked if her diaper bag was still allowed for her, to which she replied, if you did not pay for a seat, she gets no carry on's, her diaper bag is now one of your carry ons.

Are you freakin kidding me? Because I did not pay an adult fare for my barely 20lb duaghter she is not allowed to bring ANY bags, not even a diaper bag? They really are getting cheap, especially when AirCanada allows a lap caried infant, one who does not pay, to have 1 checked bag, and 2 carry ons, plus a checked stroller, carseat, or playpen?

I guess WestJet's new Care-untee only means that they CARE about more money.

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So you want the free baggage allowance for an infant the airline carried for free? The Cdn sense of entitlement is alive and well.

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #713503

Why should you get more luggage than anyone else only paying for a single seat? It makes sense to me.


So when you want to bring all those 'carryons' that you feel you are entitled to bring- are you actually going carry them on the airplane? Or is a flight attendant going to have to shlep all 5 bags on and off for?No reason an infant needs all of that.

Unless you want her to litterally to carry it on. If you pay for a seat, then she's entitled to bring the same amount a's you. All that extra weight you want to bring for free costs a lot to fly.

Fuel prices are extremely high.. Get with program and present day flying.

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